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The Thrive Programme is a life-changing, research and evidence-based training programme that empowers you with the skills, insights, and resources you need to take control of your life. You can learn how to overcome any symptoms or problems you have, and thrive!


What is Thrive?

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What Symtoms can The Thrive Programme help with?

How can it help me?

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What does the Thrive Programme Cost?

What does it cost?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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You may be unsure of which type of course is best for you to suit your needs. Please give me a call to discuss this and to arrange a free 60 minute consultation where we can talk about the best way forward. Consultations can take place over the phone, via Skype or face to face at my clinic in Uttoxeter.

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Let me explain the Programme to you

The Thrive Programme has been proven to help with:

Anxiety & Depression

Habits & Addictions

Eating Issues


Phobias & Fears

Social Anxiety

(fear of vomit)

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Low Self-esteem & Confidence

Sleeping Issues

Smoking & Weight Loss

Child & Teenage Mental Health

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