One of the most common questions that I get asked as a Thrive Consultant is how is Thrive different from CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy), counselling and other types of therapy?

The first thing that you need to understand is what therapy is because Thrive is NOT it. In the English dictionary, therapy is described as the treatment of someone with mental or physical illness without the use of drugs or operations.’ Basically, the job of the therapist is to TREAT a psychological illness. Therapy is all about the therapist “fixing” the client by finding ways for them to ‘deal with’ or ‘cope with’ their symptoms. Think of it as fire fighting – every time the issue or ‘fire’ crops up in the person’s life, the therapist shows them how to put it out!

So what is The Thrive Programme?

Let me explain how the Thrive Programme came to be. Rob Kelly (founder of The Thrive Programme) had been a psychologist for over 25 years, he had happily sailed through his career using different types of therapy to ‘treat’ different people and their ‘symptoms’ but he started to wonder why some people had success with therapy where others failed. Why did some people have a few sessions of counselling, CBT, psychotherapy and come out Thriving and get on happily with their lives while some people went through years and years of sessions without making such progress? Rob started to explore people who had undertaken different types of therapy and had come out the other side happy and Thriving and discovered something……..

All of the people who were successful had the same set of 26 skills, regardless of what treatment they had undergone.

Why isn’t it therapy?

The Thrive programme is such a different approach because rather than ‘treat’ people, it teaches people. Rob Kelly put all of these 26 success skills into one programme so that people could learn how to build strong mental health foundations, rather than just learn to ‘deal’ or ‘cope’ with their symptoms. Because, lets face it, if you had strong, stable mental health in the first place, you wouldn’t be struggling with ANY symptoms! So rather than teaching people how to fire fight their symptoms when they arise, it teaches people to not create the fires in the first place!

What is my role if I’m not a therapist?

My job is to teach people the skills that they need in order to build their strong psychological foundations. The emphasis is not on the consultant ‘fixing’ the client but more on teaching the client how to fix themselves. This is what makes the results of the Thrive Programme so long lasting because once you have the skill set, you have the power and capability to maintain strong mental health into the future rather than have to return over and over again to be fixed by a therapist. Consider my role of more as a teacher or a coach, my job is to guide and support you while you build the skills you need and until you are ready to fly solo! It is a truly rewarding role to see people take control of their own lives and realise that they have it within themselves to change their life.

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